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Laundry Baskets

Make laundry day chic

Our laundry baskets prove that even yesterday's crumpled up clothes can be elegant. In addition to being practical, the right washing basket is a smart way to introduce texture and show off your personality. Sucker for seagrass? We've got plenty of handwoven pieces for a beach-house vibe. More of a rattan fan? You can be on-trend with our natural-style items. Choose from red, black or grey colours, or opt for a pattern for an eye-catching look. We wish we could help with the ironing too, but that's down to you – sorry.

To separate or not to separate?

We get it; everyone's different. If you're someone who religiously splits up your darks, whites and colours, choose one of our sectioned laundry carts to make dividing up your garments a breeze. Alternatively, if you're a throw-it-all-in, sort-it-out-later kind of person, our single-compartment laundry bags are for you. Of course, you need things to separate first, so browse our textile collection for super-soft throws and blankets, plus bedding sets, rugs, and more. The softer, the better, we say.

Shape up

There's a storage solution for every room – and yes, we're making laundry glam. Our baskets come in all shapes and sizes – trunks and low-down pieces fit nicely in rooms with lots of space, while chic vase-style items are ideal for guest rooms where — when not in use — you can slot in some pampas grass and turn them into a feature. Got a passion for storage? Browse our other space-saving pieces for the ultimate clutter-free, zen home, and check out our other utility boxes and bins that'll have you tidied up in no time.

Put a lid on it

Whether you prefer lidded or un-lidded, we've got plenty of options here. Our wide array of laundry baskets with lids means you can keep your intimates out of sight, out of mind. These are good for guest areas and shared bathrooms where you might prefer to keep things neat and tidy. Meanwhile, an open basket means you can easily throw in your items from across the room. Nice shot.