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Sleep tight with designer bedding

When it comes to getting a good night's sleep, we know that bedding is important. That's why our designer bedding is MADE to provide you with comfort and the highest-quality materials, to ensure a restful and refreshing snooze. The collection includes everything you need to transform your bedroom into a haven – including cosy bedspreads, soft bed sheets and ultra-stylish duvet cover sets. Go on, treat yourself to the bedding you deserve (although you might struggle to leave the bed in the mornings).

Pick out your dream bedding

Choosing the right bedding set is important. Not only does it need to provide you with a comfortable place to relax and unwind, it also needs to complement your decor. A velvet bedspread is sure to make a bold style statement in any space, while also adding some comforting weight to your duvet – helping you to stay toasty on those chilly evenings. Or, organic cotton makes for a lighter bedspread, and the textured finish offers an eye-catching addition to the arrangement. When you're browsing pillowcases, don't be afraid to experiment with different tones. A vibrant splash of colour at the top of the bed can make all the difference to the room.

Add some comfy touches

Fresh bedding undoubtedly brings more comfort into the bedroom, but adding the right finishing touches can take things to the next level. Scatter some cushions onto the bed for extra cosiness – these can be used for some neck support during the night, and can also keep you propped up while reading or watching TV. If you're a fan of more neutral shades or softer tones for your bedding, cushions offer an easy opportunity to invite some bolder colours into the room.

Get ready for sleep

Preparing the rest of your bedroom for relaxation is crucial to a solid night's sleep. Why not pick out some candles or diffusers to help create a tranquil atmosphere while you're unwinding with a good book? The right fragrances can help you to relax after a long day, and gentle candlelight allows your eyes to rest. What could be better than enjoying some peace and quiet with your favourite scents wafting through the air? It's also helpful to pick suitable lighting for your bedroom to ensure you can easily drift off. Choosing a modern table lamp for your bedside means you can quickly darken the room in the evenings, but still brighten things up when the alarm goes.