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Super King Size Beds

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Stylish super king size beds to stretch out

You are looking for the ultimate place to relax, stretch and spread out at night? Whether you want to sleep alone or as a couple - our super king size beds are the ultimate indulgence you need. We worked hard to combine comfort with durability and design to create the ultimate super king size bed frames perfect for your home. Don’t believe us? Just browse through our stunning collection of designer super king size beds and find your new favourite today.

What size is a super king bed?

A standard super king size bed measures a length of 200 cm (6 feet 6 inches) and a width of 183 cm (6 feet). As the largest-sized bed available, a super king bed frame is ideal for couples or those that like to roll around while sleeping. With their unique length, super king beds also provide the ideal sleeping space for taller people. 

What size bedroom do you need for a super king size bed?

Due to the size of our super king beds, you’ll need your bedroom dimensions to be at least 12 by 12 feet. If you decide on a super king size bed frame with pull-out drawers, calculate even more space to accommodate other furniture and some additional walking space. If you’re short on space, have a look at our king size beds or double bed frames instead. 


What are the different types of super king beds?

In order to avoid having to sacrifice storage room for a good night's rest, just opt for one of our stylish super king bed frames with integrated storage solutions. Say goodbye clutter and hello to endless space for shoes, bedding and sheets. 

The best super king bed frames you’ll love

Ready to make a statement? Nothing says a luxurious night’s sleep more than one of our designer super king bed frames. If you got the space, we’re sure we got the right bed for you. To help you choose, here are some of our bestsellers.

For s truly striking centrepiece Romare is ideal. This velvet upholstered super king size bed brings hotel luxe home. The elongated headboard, padded curves and slim metal legs ooze sophistication and guarantee some high-end beauty sleep. If you don’t want to show legs but are looking for storage solutions instead, then Cory is your best bet. With the same plush velvet upholstery and padded headboard, the super-soft bed is simply made for dreaming.

For some refined elegance, opt for a super king size metal bed frame such as Penn. The sleek and minimalist design is super on-trend and will suit any sleeping space from industrial to contemporary.

Something more simplistic is your style? Then have a look at our no-fuss platform super king bed Kano. Perfect for a peaceful slumber, the clean lines and rounded corners of the pinewood frame are inspired by Japanese design. If that’s not the ultimate zen.

Don’t stop shopping now

Found your perfect super king size bed? Brilliant! Whilst you’re here, don’t forget to have a look at our matching super king size mattresses. Not only do they combine luxury comfort with eco-friendly materials, but they are also handmade. To make sure you find the ultimate fit, have a read through our handy buyers guide on mattresses here.