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Dining Room Furniture

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Prepared for every scenario

Food and memories are based on tables as a centrepiece of interaction since the day we were born. More than once a day we find ourselves sitting at a table to either eat our meal or to discuss the news events of the week over a glass of wine with a close friend.

Whether it is the family dinner, political banquettes or birthday parties, tables seem to magically gather people and quickly become the protagonist in each dining room.

Table setting 

Just take a look into the table setting during the Victorian age and you will be inspired but the endless opportunities of dining room decorations - and if you don’t want to recreate birds and trees from jelly and cake, just place your favourite dinner set, a simple table cloth and the right lighting for your dining room - viola.

The perfect lighting

While you can always go the extra mile with placing candles on your table, we designed the perfect lighting to help you create an unforgettable dinner party or late Sunday brunch with your family. We believe that each dining room can be transformed by just adding an elegant but playful pendant light that will highlight the delicious food, ready to be eaten. Our pendant lights come in a broad variety of styles and finishes, shapes and colours. Whether it is the reference to a sky full of stars, a touch of nature and a bamboo lampshade or elegant frosted glass globes - just to mention some of them. 

The wishing-table

Now that we have briefly introduced you to the importance of a table, we also want to introduce you to our tables at A table is never just a table. It can come in a round shape with metal legs, in a slim square made of oak and even as a whole table set with matching benches. The options do not end here since we love to design furniture that meets everyone’s needs. A space saving solution that easily adapts to spontaneous visitors, could be an extendable dining table - be sure that even this version of a table is available in different styles and shapes. 

Comfort is key

Sometimes we are so involved in playing cards that we forget the time and suddenly find ourselves sitting on the same chair for the past six hours. Luckily our design team at has taken extra care while working on the perfect shape that allows your game night to continue into early morning hours.