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Housewarming gifts

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Gift something special for a housewarming

Moving house is truly a great reason to celebrate. So what better way to enjoy this big step than with a thoughtful housewarming gift? If you’re looking for some great inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place. At MADE we pride ourselves on creating unique and truly stunning designer home furnishings and accessories. Browse through our stylish collection now and find the perfect housewarming gift that everyone will truly appreciate. 

Our housewarming gifts are MADE to last

Finding the right housewarming gift can be tricky. Not only should the present be aesthetically pleasing, but it should also be something the new homeowners can actually use. And if they truly enjoy the gift, then you’ve truly hit the nail in the head. But where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Starting with everyday essentials, such as storage baskets and trunks to stylish statement pieces such as vases and wall clocks, at MADE we have something for everyone's taste (and budget!). No matter which one of our stunning housewarming gifts you’ll end up choosing, we’re sure it’s going to be a winner. 

Get inspired by some of our favourite housewarming gifts

Do you find hunting for the perfect housewarming present hard? Then let us make your life easier by introducing you to some of our favourite pieces. Trust us, they’re that good you might just want to keep them for yourself!

The best time to keep a new house organised is when moving in. To help the new homeowners keep their house clutter-free at all times, gift them a set of chic storage containers. Be it decorative baskets for the living room or practical storage boxes for the kitchen - our designer must-have storage solutions will certainly add a nice touch of Pinterest-y chic to any space.

What better way to showcase memories or make space for new ones than with our designer picture frames. Varying in size and style, pick and choose different options and gift a housewarming present that’s truly picturesque. 

No home is perfect without some cosiness. What better way to make someone feel truly comfy than with a super soft throw that perfectly fits their décor? This tried-and-true housewarming gift will surely be appreciated by everyone. Browse through our gorgeous range of blankets made from different materials and contemporary designs and add some additional warmth to any home.