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Hallway Furniture

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The entrance to your own paradise

The first thing you see when you enter your home is probably your hallway. It is also the place we often only run through, the place where we leave our muddy shoes and wet raincoats, the place where keys and letters pile up and the place where we spend little to no time. Did you ever think about turning your hallway into the opposite? Today is the day!

We love it - you will love it too

We at have a thing for organised spaces and the optimum storage solutions. Let’s start off with our elegant and space-saving slim console tables that merge into your hallway, turning it into a heaven of design once you open the front door to your guests. The tables not only look great but will be one of your favourite furniture pieces in your home since you can be sure not to lose your most important sunglasses and purse anymore before going outside. Everything will have its place and you can decide on the ambience you want to create by browsing through the many different options that we designed - the right one is just a click away.

Design for your floor

Many hallways are laid out to be rather slim corridors, making it difficult to find the right carpet size at times. We thought about all of it and came out with slim and rather long rugs, made to meet your quality standards so that you can get used to your good looking floor for many many years to come. Love a piece of natural jute look? No problem! Or maybe a soft wool rug with bold colour stripes? We got you! Or how about a more minimalistic black and white Berber style rug with clear lines and geometric shapes? And it doesn’t end here, have a look at what else we have to offer. We are sure your feet will thank you once you place your new rug in your hallway.

Take your time and enjoy design

Now that you have a beautiful setting, why not enjoy it more than usual by placing a comfortable bench in your hallway that not only allows you to sit down while you unlace your shoes and put on your cosy slippers but also give yourself a second to calm down and relax.

We know that not every home comes with endless storage options so we wanted to not only design a classic bench but combine it with practical solutions to store what you don’t need on a daily basis. Whether it is the warm scarf that you hopefully don’t have to wear in August or the sandals that might not be the right shoes for December.