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Professional arrangement

Many of us are used to working from home. For some, it might have come as a big surprise to suddenly adjust your home and transforming some private space into a work station, while others might be lucky to have a whole room to themselves where concentration and silence are automatically given when closing the door.

High quality meets home office

In any of the two cases, we are happy to have met the right standards to transform any space into the official setting it takes, to concentrate and work without any distraction from the surrounding. We want to assist you with our ideas for the perfect home office so that you only have to choose from our many designs and high-quality office furniture.

Start off with your preferred table 

The right office starts with the right desk and we are aware of how big of a choice it can be to find the matching one to go with the rest of your house. We took that into consideration and the outcome is a beautiful range of different styles, eras and finishes. You decide what you need, whether you want drawers to be attached for a close-by storage option or a larger table surface to place all of your office supplies in reach. Our design team at loves details so the brass drawer knobs and other special features like the many different shaped table legs, don’t come as a surprise.

The right chair for you and your work environment

As a child, you probably loved the office chairs with wheels so you could move around while staying seated and turn around in each direction until your head started to feel funny. Well, not much has changed since then! We still love to sit on one of our designer office chairs and reach everything close by, from all angles. The chairs at don’t just look stylish but were designed to give you the best comfort and support. You can find padded cushions, chairs with adjustable height and ergonomically well-shaped backs. Good news: all of our chairs will find a spearing partner once you need a matching desk (or the other way around) since we don’t just want to make you feel taken care of but also love to make you feel good once you start working in a good looking environment.