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Create ambience with candles

We've pushed the boat out to bring you flames with a difference. We reckon our collection of candles, scented candles and candlesticks contain real showstoppers – after all, it features intriguing shapes, vibrant colours, unusual scents, and just all-around fun. Designs crafted that'll add a little light and cosy atmosphere to your evenings, plus scents that transcend the ordinary. Now, start exploring the MADE.COM range.

Life's short. Buy candles

We'll get right to it and introduce you to our favourite styles, conceived by our curated selection of emerging designers. Keen on a double-header? We've got twin candles with a twist and chubby two-wicked beauties that last and last...and last. We've surprising bubble candles to light at bath times, bedtimes, and beyond for those who love fun shapes. And check out our tall, stack models that are works of art. Wild for a bit of colour? Check out our rainbow-themed dinner candles and colourific pillar candles that will spark life into your next special event.

Bring some hygge to your home.

Our repertoire of scented candles contains a pick of the best and brightest candle brands such as I/TEMS, Earl of East and W+W Workshop — all brands that represent everything we stand for at MADE: originality, spirit and above all, hygge. Our fragrances have it all — from rich, smoky combinations like cigars and coffee to energising blends featuring olfactory delights like cotton and peppermint. They can evoke memories, set the mood, or simply make you feel right at home. And what's more, our candles are designed to last and be kind to the planet: you'll find both soy mixes and traditional wax blends here.

How to style them

Finally, let's talk ambience. The way you illuminate your space can differentiate between a good decorative look and a truly elevated one. Juxtaposing fixed electric lighting fixtures with strategically placed candles lets you dial the atmosphere up (or down) with the flick of a switch and the stroke of a match. Candlelight also intensifies pattern and texture, bringing out the beauty of rugs, soft furnishings and wall coverings – so get playful and consider how things will feel when the lights go low. Dining-wise, candlesticks are the classic accompaniment that turns an everyday meal into a celebration – and another excuse (if you needed one) to get out the fancy dinner plates.