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Full Length Mirrors

Lean in to full-length mirrors

The team at MADE.COM loves a long mirror, particularly one leaning against the wall. And, no, it's not because we're vain. It's because mirrors really can do magic – they can double as windows, make rooms appear more spacious, and emphasise other decorative elements in the room to spectacular effect. Having said that, a full-length mirror placed in your bedroom or hallway is the best way to check your look when you leave home. Have we convinced you? Check out our collection of sleek and original full-body mirrors, and read on for tips on how to style them.

More light, more light

If there's one key element in a decorative scheme, it's light. Whether we're talking artificial illumination from overhead lights and lamps, natural light from windows or reflective light from mirrors, how you play around with light in your space can turn a just-OK look into a showstopper. Worthy of a special handshake, at the very least. So, whether you're working with a teeny-tiny studio or palatial executive home, getting cheeky with mirrors, and in particular long mirrors, is a clever way to bring more lovely light to the party.

Create a feeling of space

Floor-length mirrors are statement pieces. Wherever you place them, they'll open up your space and make it feel lighter and more airy. Pop one in the corner of your bedroom and as well as creating a dressing nook, you'll reflect light back into the room. Hang a long mirror in a narrow hallway and it will instantly look wider and more spacious. Create the illusion of a larger expanse in a compact area by placing a series of mirrors behind your plants or couch. Get the picture? Oh, and while we're on the subject, you can also double-up the impact of your artworks by using a floor-length mirror on an opposing wall.

Anchor your decor with a cohesive mirror

Aside from their supernatural properties, full-length mirrors are the ultimate statement piece. You can use them to really anchor your chosen decor. For example, if you've chosen a neutral or monochrome colourway, picking a floor-length mirror with a slim black frame will effortlessly emphasise the high-contrast look. If your style tends towards the eclectic, consider combining a full-body mirror with mirrors of different sizes or shapes. A long mirror with a textured frame such as rattan provides instant warmth and a modern vibe when leaned against a wall. Finally, a long mirror with rounded corners can help to break up an area with lots of horizontal and vertical lines, such as built-in wardrobes.