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Introducing Lick – whose paints make that room revamp so much easier. What’s on offer? Colour-accurate peel-and-stick samples (this means less mess) and 2.5L tins. Each paint is water-based, under the regulated definition of low-VOC, and ready to use on all sorts of surfaces, from wood to metal. It's durable and scrubbable, so you can use it in kitchens and bathrooms, too. Oh, and our curated 45-strong collection of Lick colours is as dreamy as it gets. Read on for some help on perfecting that paint job.

A wall paint we have all been waiting for

We at believe that interior design is based on a symbiosis between the right furniture as well as the colours you chose to apply in your home. Since we have a very wide range of different furniture for each room, we also created the matching textiles and finally, we would also like to introduce LICK to you. Our water-based paint can not only be used on your walls but also on many different types of surfaces, including metal and wood.

A multifunctional wall paint

It happened to many of us - preparing a delicious tomato soup, looking away for a second and suddenly not only the countertop is covered in bright red spots but also the surrounding walls and cabinets. While you can wipe down every surface, the moment you try to clean your wall everything gets worse and your spots turn into polka dots. Because we don’t want to leave you with unwanted geometry on your walls, our wall paint is also the perfect choice for your bathroom and kitchen since its quality is durable and even scrubbable. 

Colour on the horizon 

Making up one’s mind on the right colour for your walls can be a very stressful experience. Once you decide on different tones, you might realise that the change of lighting will leave them in a completely different way compared to the one you imagined. For this reason, we at had the idea to make it as pleasant of an experience for you as possible. 

We have 45 different colours you can choose from and before you purchase any of them, you can apply colour-accurate peel and stick samples wherever you want to apply the future perfect colour. 

Harmony will have never felt easier to achieve

Our wall paint colours were not created without a lot of brainstorming and ideas behind the different tones. We want to help you create the best version of your home where your style feels at peace with furniture, art, decorations, textiles, knobs and handles and the chosen wall paint. All of our furniture will match with your future walls so check out our sofa collections and you will be surprised that not only our wall paint comes in a range of colours.

Who knows maybe you will feel inspired and start with painting art on your wall - or keep it simple - just like you want. 

If you need more information or ideas on how to apply the wall paint and what shade best suits your different rooms, you can always take a look at If you prefer patterns, browse our design wallpapers.