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Wall Mirrors

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Mirror, mirror on the wall

It's where you look every single day: never underestimate the importance of a mirror. Explore our collection of wall mirrors and create a feature out of something that's functional, while reflecting more light into your home and making your space seem bigger and brighter. We love positioning mirrors opposite each other to bounce light between them. A hanging wall mirror is a brilliant addition to most rooms – for hallway make-up touch-ups, bedroom outfit checks and bathroom teeth cleaning. They're a good option in rooms of all shapes and sizes, but since they're mounted and don't take up floor space, they're particularly practical for tight spaces. Need some more help choosing your new piece? Browse our handy guide to deciding on a new mirror. Getting ready just got way better.

You've been framed

This is the fun part. Our decorative wall mirrors come in all kinds of materials, from rattan to brushed brass, solid oak, matte black metal and more. Metal frames are nice if you're going for industrial design in your home, while oak and other woods might be a better option if you're into a more traditional look. Remember to consider the colour scheme of your room to ensure there are no clashes.

Hang out

Wall mirrors are designed to be hung, but don't sweat it if nails scare you and you want to save a bit of cash. We've got a step-by-step process to fitting your new piece, so read our guide on hanging a mirror yourself, from finding the right hooks to nailing the placement. For those with pesky landlords, we tell you how to secure smaller mirrors to the wall with specialised adhesive tape. So, roll up your sleeves: we got you.

Shape it up

Circle? Semi-circle? Octagonal? Pill-shaped? Pebble-shaped? Our mirrors are more than just square. An interesting shape is one way to attract the eye, or make an otherwise plain wall look unique. What about sizing – should you go for a large wall mirror or something more compact? A good rule to follow is to choose a mirror that's around two-thirds of the size of the furniture it's hanging above. Use a paper template to help you map out the positioning, or a pencil to make faint marks that you can erase afterwards.