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Bring your walls to life

Let’s be honest: Staring at a blank wall can be kind of boring. If you desperately want a change of scenery without having to travel far think about adding some wallpaper instead. By introducing fun colours and different textures, wallpaper is the best way to instantly transform your home. We’re offering you a curated selection of stunning designer wallpapers in an abundance of different styles, colours and prints. From monochrome to lush floral designs - give your space the edge and aesthetic you desire. 

Modern designer wallpaper to set a statement

Whether you want to create a stunning feature wall or completely redesign the walls of your favourite space, we’re sure we have the perfect wallpaper to make your interior dreams come true. For some true wall luxury, look no further than Pascal. This stunning wallpaper features subtle golden geometric lines that will add an exclusive touch to your décor. Finish the look by replicating the cooper highlights with one of our designer coffee tables or bedside tables in a metallic finish

For something more fun and refreshing, take a look at Fenna. This eye-catching botanical print evokes a sense of calming relaxation while also inspiring some excitement. And the best part? No need to water.

Inspiration for some seriously stylish walls

Once you have found the perfect wallpaper to suit your space, the next step is adding it to your walls. Never done it before? No problem! Just take a look at this helpful how-to guide on putting up wallpaper.  Once the wallpaper is up, think about how to style the rest of your room. Your existing furniture and décor should either complement it for some harmony or set some bold contrasts. If you’re unsure of how to make it work, read through this inspirational article on correctly styling bold walls. Ready to face your fears?