Let’s stick together: picking statement furniture that lasts

Investing in larger pieces of furniture is a big decision. To help you feel confident in your choices, we turned to Dawid Lagua, whose home in Munich oozes timeless chic. His golden rule? Pick things that are made to last. So whether you’re shopping for that perfect sofa or a custom made bed, here’s his advice on how to spot statement pieces that'll stand the test of time.



1. Our homes and interiors change over time, and throughout this process, each of us consciously (or unconsciously) develops a preference for certain colours. For example, there are browns, beiges and whites in all of my furnishings, and always has been. So look at the shades you've surrounded yourself with and then pick statement items within this palette. 

2. Instead of focusing on trends, I try to choose pieces that are timeless. For me, that means going for simple shapes and avoiding busy patterns and colours – basically, nothing too fussy. If you apply these rules, you'll likely end up with something that still looks fresh after a decade. 

3. As well as guaranteeing longevity, solid wood, marble, metal and leather put the spotlight on the quality of the craftsmanship. Our white armchairs have a solid metal frame and soft boucle upholstery – they look good and are well made, too.

4. Versatility is key! You never know what life might throw at you, so it’s important that your furniture is adaptable, should your circumstances change. My floor lamp and leather stool work nicely in the living room, but both would also suit a bedroom or hallway (or a different apartment altogether). Your furniture should be able to develop with you.

5. Buy what you love. That way, you’ll probably still love it in years to come. I adore the old, glamorous restaurants here in Munich, especially the elegant lighting, so I went for the same look in my home. 



Article written by: Lisa Wenske

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