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Organise your home office in 4 easy steps

Whether you work from a dedicated office or a multipurpose spot somewhere else in your home, having an organised workspace is key to achieving your goals. Need a little inspo? Here are four simple steps to help you take care of business.



1. Be smart with space

The first step to achieving WFH harmony is finding a dedicated area to work from. For many of us, taking over an entire room isn’t possible, but a well-planned corner can be just as effective. Maximise your square metres by putting up some shelving, and choose a desk that doubles as a storage space, like Wingrove or Tambo

2. Multiple inboxes

Next, give everything a place of its own. Start by removing all items from your shelves and drawers. Then, make sure that everything you use frequently is close to hand and easy to find. Storage boxes and baskets will mean you won’t have to hunt down your pen or charger ever again. We love this rattan trunk, but if you fancy something a little more industrial, you can’t go wrong with this metal set, which comes in two different sizes.

3. Make it look good

A good-looking workspace is likely to increase your productivity. Make it more inspiring by adding uplifting accessories that reflect your personality, like a piece of art or some potted plants. They’ll beautify the space around you and can even have a positive effect on your mental health.

4. Think like a minimalist

Tidy up before you log off for the day. We know. Sounds obvious, right? But trust us when we say: this makes all the difference. You’ll feel more motivated in a well-organised workspace. So, stash your laptop out of sight in a cabinet or sideboard, and organise your pens and papers in a dedicated desk tidy. All that’s missing? A cup of coffee to kickstart your day.

Article written by: Katharina Hogenkamp

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