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Design in every detail - your new kitchen bin

Let’s be honest - thinking about a new bin for your kitchen is not the most exciting purchase you had been waiting for. Taking out the trash is probably also not your favourite task of the week - we get that! But why not turn the hunt for your bin into something exciting and pleasing? We want you to really enjoy the small things in life so we decided to design the best kitchen bins possible - not only gooood looking but also of high quality at an affordable price.

Recycling can be fun, you will see!

Bins are not just bins - just like rooms are not just rooms. While you probably don’t need a big bin in your bathroom, your kitchen will surely thank you (and you won’t have to take out the trash every single day!). And not only your kitchen, the environment loves you too if you start to recycle and choose a recycling bin that not only comes with one opening but two and some of them even have three. Our designer bins will transform the task of differentiating your rubbish, into a playful moment. Choose the right colour to match the rest of your kitchen and viola - all is tidy, all is clean. 

Open - close - easy - peasy 

Of course, we know that waste bins for your kitchen are not always pleasant to touch but don’t worry! Once you browse through our different types, you will see that we have designed options with a pedal on the bottom, allowing you to open your bin with your foot and you won’t have to touch anything else. It is also an eye-catcher if you love retro shapes as we do coming in many different colours - some bold and bright others merging into the background. Not yet convinced? Ok, hold on! It doesn’t end here! Thanks to advanced technology, we love a spaceship-like kitchen bin that opens only by holding your hand above the lid - sensor bins

Storage that also looks amazing

To store your essentials for a clean household, we also have a lot of solutions so that you can stay organised and save the important time of the day to do more important things than searching for your trash bags and cleaning supplies. Have a look at our kitchen storage ideas that transform your kitchen into a calm oasis where cooking has never been more for fun.