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Level up your chef skills with the perfect cookware

Great cookware can really take your meals and baking to the next level. We're talking about the kind of cookware that makes you want to roll up your sleeves and test out your favourite recipe. Whether you’re a humble home cook or wannabe chef, you can up your game with well-chosen pans that will bring a splash of style to your kitchen. And if you're in the market for new cooking equipment but unsure about the choices on offer you'll find everything you need here, from small pots to enamel frying pans, all in eye-catching colours and designs.

Find a set to suit your cooking style

To help you choose the cookware and bakeware that's best for you, start with what you love and, of course, that includes what you love to cook. If your favourite hobby's baking or you adore entertaining, you’ll want gear that looks fab, performs well and is easy to look after, like cast iron cookware. If home decor is your thing, you can select coloured pans to match your dinnerware or ceramic cookware to bring vintage appeal to your storage units. Prefer to rustle something up and hope for the best? Opt for equipment that's easy to clean and will look good after years of use, like shiny stainless steel.

Different stoves need different pans

Remember to consider what type of stove you have before you start investing in chef-grade cookware. Heavy-bottomed pans are best-suited to gas cookers, while ceramic stovetops prefer smooth steel or aluminium. And if you're lucky enough to have an induction cooktop, you'll need to choose stainless steel pieces that work with the magnetised surface. Tight on space? Take a look at our compact cooking combos that stack well and give you maximum flexibility.

Match your cookware to your favourite dishes

Whether you're after a whole set or a single item, here are our top tips. If pasta is the main feature on your weekly menu, you should prioritise pans to use for sauces and heavy-duty casserole dishes to pop your penne into and serve family-style. If you prefer creating rich sauces and hearty soups, look out for stock and sauce pots. A juicy steak more your thing? Get the sear just right with a non-stick frying pan. And a final word on serving – look out for our oven-to-tableware that's not only stunning to cook with, but will also look fantastic on your dining table.