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Cutlery Set

Feel free to choose whatever design suits your style

Oh yes, there are a lot of rules on how to hold the spoon while you take a sip of a delicious pumpkin soup on a rainy autumn afternoon, just like there are rules in which hand to hold your knife and fork, where to place the dessert spoon and so on and so on.

We at believe that there are no rules to personal design choices though and we want you to feel free when browsing through our many forms and shapes of cutlery, that we designed for you - and only you.

The moment a set table brings you pure joy

You might want to eat from silver cutlery once an invitation to Windsor Castle arrives at your house but in the meantime, our cutlery is made to meet high standards at an affordable price for your home. And even if the invite never arrives (we are still waiting for the one from Hogwarts!), you can enjoy a beautifully arranged table setting in your own four walls. Simply place your dinnerware, which you can of course also find here, next to delicate wine glasses and the matching ones for sparkling water. Now chose the right lighting to create a memorable evening and place your new cutlery as an eyecatcher next to your plates. 

Have you ever seen matt black cutlery? We have!

Our cutlery is made from stainless steel so you won’t have to worry about putting your forks, knives and spoons into the dishwasher - oh and don’t be scared of rust since there will be non. Stainless steel is a very broad material which is why we have many different sizes, shapes, finishes and colours waiting to be discovered by you. The sets consist of 16 pieces and you can always buy more if your matt black spoons - yes you heard right! matt black - suddenly disappear. Of course, you could also just gift them directly to your friends so they won’t have to sneak out secretly. 

The golden hour on your table

To create a bit of extra classy ambience, you can simply light one of our designer candles. The light will bathe the surrounding walls into the deep colours of a sunset that also reflects on the golden cutlery that will shine as bright as the sunrays on an early morning. We just wanted to bring out the best cutlery sets for you and we believe we did.