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Not only delicious food but a gorgeous setting too

Your ideal Saturday night could start with a stroll on a local market or a hunt through the supermarket shelves to find the missing ingredients for your favourite pasta that you had been dreaming of for the past days. In fact, you might be famous for that dish which is why you didn’t plan to eat on your own but rather invite your friends to join the delicious Italian Spaghetti. How about setting the scenery inspired by a summer at the Ligurian coast with the right music (Pavarotti maybe?) and a fresh tablecloth, combined with some candles for a cosy atmosphere and a few dried flowers sprinkled across the table? 

Breathtaking dinner plates and bowls

Che Bello! You can transform your dinner to any classy light grey and linen inspired Scandinavian dream or a midcentury look with dark wood tones and clear geometrical shapes. Good news, you don’t need to invent it all but instead have a look at our amazing stoneware dinner sets that are designed to help your dinner table look breathtaking. It won’t take a whole day of effort to decorate so that you can instead pamper yourself, read a book or take a walk before the clock ticks and your guests are close.

Plates for everyone you love

Our dinner sets always come with all that you need including a smaller plate for a starter, a big dinner plate for the main course and a small bowl for either a salat or the desert to top it all of. Each set is unique and you can be sure to find the right one to match your look. Most of our dinner sets are for 4 but you can easily spice it up and combine plates to create a setting for 6, 8 or however many people you can fit into your home. 

Spoons, forks and knives looking their best

While by now you probably have already planned your next dinner party, don’t forget the cutlery! Maybe it’s time to get some high quality designed forks, knives and spoons at an affordable price. Elegance and design don’t have to cost the world and we believe that our 16 set stainless steel cutlery sets are the perfect choice since they come in all kind of finishes, colours and shapes to go with your chosen dinnerware and give the whole setting a feeling of harmony and ambience. 

Buon appetito!