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Food storage containers

A stylish lunchbreak is waiting for you

Storing food has never been more pleasing until now!

Close your eyes and imagine how the big hand of your watch reaches 12 am. You sit back and place an elegant box on your table that will reveal its delicious lunch once you carefully lift the lid. Since our food storage containers are not just designed to look good but hold your food with the most care, you can be sure that the airtight box will keep everything safe and sound. Now open your eyes and buon appetito!

Small objects becoming big highlights

You might remember the kitchen from your childhood when the many boxes were tucked away to not disturb the look. Well, what can we say? These times are surely over! Each of our items is meant to be looking great wherever you leave it. Especially next to our tableware since now is the time to show what you have got! Our design team also created daily use objects such as bread bins and utensil holder that will feel like the tip of the iceberg once added to your kitchen. On you can find other kitchen storage and organisation inspirations - things you didn’t even imagine to look good. 

Cutlery, bowls and plates all in one

Soft and elegant wood details meet long-lasting food storage containers sets. Yes, you heard right - sets! 

We considered the days where your lunch break might take place in a park or the next weekend trip holds a picturesque picnic. You won’t have to pack single forks and knives since we arranged all of the items in just one object. Even the salad lovers will be more than happy to see that a small container for your favourite sauce is included. 

A train ride and a hot cup of tea - how cosy!

Choose from different sizes, large ones, small ones, colours and materials that meet your needs and look. Who thought that a dishwasher save green-toned plastic box can go well with a wooden lid and your favourite coat? And do you know what also goes well with a rainy day and a ride on the bus or train? Yes, a hot cup of tea that will stay warm for your whole trip and keep you all cosy - bring your favourite book with you and it will feel just like a cosy day on your sofa. Take a look at our many blankets and throws and be careful to not accidentally leave your home wrapped in one of them - that’s how comfortable you will feel.