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Kitchen Accessories

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Decorating your home with that extra glam

We love to dress up for special occasions, put on an outfit that you would not wear on a daily basis, prepare your hair to look good and put on a bit of extra glam by adding a few accessories whether it is an elegant watch, a pair of earrings or a simple scarf. 

Essentials meet aesthetics

Until your next night out, you can start by adding appealing kitchenware and essentials to your kitchen, almost as if you had to dress to impress. With a few simple ideas and inspirations, you can transform your kitchen into a glamorous room that will surely not only be used for cooking anymore but probably become the next place for you and your friends to gather. 

Ideal kitchen accessories for your home

We designed the ideal kitchen accessories in striking colours, shapes and materials so you can decide on what goes best with your taste. Decorate your countertop with essentials such as a simple-looking but oh so pretty dish drainer, next to slim glass jars with wooden lids and a matching salt and pepper grinder. 

No more boring - rather spicing things up

The word boring will belong to your kitchens past since things are about to spice up. Love your curry spicy? Why not place your favourite herbs and spices on a round marble serving board with brass accents, always in reach? Why not pair other details made of brass such as a wall-mounted storage unit that will look like an art installation from every angle? If you also place your favourite mugs and dinnerware onto its shelves and hooks, be sure to love the arrangement every time you step into your kitchen.

You are a natural?

So are we and that’s why we designed many of our kitchen accessories in a warm wood finish that not only feels soft and lightweight but also gives your kitchen the extra rustic warmth you always dreamed of while stirring a pot full of delicious ingredients, drifting away with your thoughts. Pair a wooden board as an accent next to a set of super durable acacia wood utensils for cooking - what a scenery. 

Inspiration and solutions for every space

Our design team has taken into consideration that no house looks the same and small kitchens need storage solutions. For this reason, we created different looking design cabinets for your kitchen for practicality and aesthetics - who said those two cant go together?