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Teapot, Black

£ 99

An all-time favourite mug is waiting to join your home

You might have had that one favourite mug all your life. Maybe you don’t live alone and now everyone in your household owns one individual mug that you will not touch or ever drink from since it seems almost like a Holy Grail. 

Some of us prefer a small cup while others need a big mug to hold in your hands, warm you up and leave you some minutes to relax before you hit the road.

Mug lovers - design lovers 

We at are mug lovers - that’s for sure and for this reason we took extra time to share our love with you and bring you the most beautifully shaped mugs designs. Whether it’s the minimal Japanese inspired teacup without a handle, an elegant see-through glass cup with a comfortable grip and matching saucers or a set of six large ceramic cups with unique patterns and colours - the best coffee and tea mug set is waiting for you.

Your mugs want to see you and to be seen by you

Talking about the beauty of mugs, the aesthetic of their organic shape and the instant deep breath you take when you look at your collection - we would love for you to show what you have and leave your mugs out and about. For this reason, we designed wall mounted storage solutions for your kitchen, to arrange your mugs on the elegant shelves and hang them on hooks. They will always be in reach whenever it’s time for a little break.

Coffee and a lot of tea

We are known for drinking lots and lots of tea in the UK and we want to keep it that way. What can be a better start to an early morning than a cup of black tea with a splash of milk or a freshly brewed coffee to help you wake up? For this reason, we also have a great selection of pour-over coffee brewers (and a set of cups that come with it), French press and stovetop coffee makers in many different shapes and finishes. Missing a good old teapot? We got you! Take a look at the many options of design teapots here

Afternoon tea looking classier than ever  

For the right set of an afternoon tea with friends, a bit of extra chic and classy table setting is highly appreciated and your scones will love the extra attention too. Start off by placing fresh flowers in one of our design vases and top it off with a cake stand that you can of course also find here. Oh, and don’t forget the little cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches. Are we also invited?