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A wooden board that becomes the base of delicacies

Did you ever hear about a charcuterie board? Well, it seems to be the one thing everyone loves. It basically is a combination of delicious food you love, mostly based on cheese, olives and grapes. It is placed on a beautiful wooden board to give it that bit of rustic look and is often accompanied by a glass of wine and good conversations. It is the kind of food that allows an evening to last all night long since the snacks are for everyone to pick whatever your guests prefer and refilling the missing ingredients is no big deal nor time-consuming. 

For the perfect serving trays and boards, we designed many options for you to choose from so that you can pick from natural brown marble, porcelain and wood paddle boards (and many more).

Snacks for everyone’s taste

If you have ever been to Italy and had the chance to enjoy an aperitif (or how they call it - aperitivo) before dinner, you will probably never want to do anything else anymore but snacking on small portioned delicacies while observing your surrounding or discussing the newest events of the day with your friends. Also, Spain is famous for Tapas which could be another great alternative for a game night at your home. Simply prepare small dishes to place on the table, hand a small plate to whoever wants to try and you can sit back and enjoy a round of cards. 

You decide how you want to present your food

Maybe even Gordon Ramsay will complement your dishes and he will surely fall in love with the serveware that you present your food on. We also believe that you can be spontaneous and decide what serving platter and dip dishes go the best with your beloved antipasti. Who said that a colourful and bold cake stand can not be used during dinner too?

Beautiful just like Cinderella’s glass slipper

And if you prefer a few classic objects, a clear glass jug to serve fresh sparkling water with some mint leaves and slices of lemon will round up the whole scenery. 

If you are still looking for a matching jug and glasses, your dream combo is just a click away.

We would love to own them all since deciding between the high quality but affordable designs is not easy - we are sure though that your ideal set of glasses is part of our unique collections.