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Wine racks

Elegance as its finest

It is one of the things we sometimes really look forward to after a long day of work - a glass of wine. Pure elegance touching your lips once you take out your favourite bottle of red wine, pour the dark red liquid into your glass while your thoughts drift away to your next holiday in France - magnifique. 

Transform your home into a movie scene 

Did you know that most of what we taste is caused by our ability to smell? 

We at also believe that our vision plays an important part too. You don’t need to be 007 to picture yourself in a smart suit or long silk dress while sipping on your drink and enjoying delicious finger food. We believe that it is the simple things that transform an evening into a glamorous gala within your four walls. In fact, even James Bond would probably switch from a Vodka Martini (shaken - not stirred) to a glass of wine, once he enters your home and spots your wine rack. It will not even take a film set to express the moment of joy once you turn around on one heel and pull out the bottle you had saved for weeks and weeks. 

Your home, Your taste

You decide how you want your collection of bottles to be presented. Whether it is a vertical arrangement or a wall-mounted horizontal wine rack that hugs the bottlenecks and holds everything in place - the choice is yours. Our designs don’t stop here! We took the extra mile and also created wine racks that will suit your style if you love an industrial-looking version on wheels, allowing you to make space once the music invites your guests to start dancing all night long. And if you don’t want to use up any more of your square meters, you can simply place a smaller version on your countertop which will not only save space but also transform the whole setting into an eye-catcher.  

Choose from different materials and finishes

We love the fact that all of us have different aesthetics and styles and we took that into consideration for all of our designs. You choose the dimensions for your wine rack - whether it is the one to hold 12 bottles or one to simply highlight the most nostalgic ones. You can of course pick between different types of wood and metal that go along with the other furniture you own. Maybe along the way, you will even find a matching sideboard to place some snacks on? Or how about a cabinet to not only hold your glasses but also protect them from dust and clumsy pets? Chin-chin!