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Bedroom Lighting

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Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary with the right lights

As the sanctuary of your home, the bedroom is more than just a place to enjoy a good night’s sleep. For those late-night reading sessions to get dressed in the mornings or simply relax with a cup of tea - get in the right mood with the perfect bedroom lighting. From soothing ceiling lights to adjustable bedside table lamps and everything in between - at you’re truly spoilt for choice. Browse through our stunning selection of designer bedroom lights now and transform your space instantly. 

Layer light in your bedroom

The ultimate secret in creating a well-lit bedroom lies in making use of different light sources. Start by building your lighting foundation with some general bedroom lighting, such as pendant lamps, chandeliers or ceiling lights. To provide a more focused illumination, add some task lighting such as table lamps, sconces or wall-mounted lights on either side of the bed. The hardest part? Striking the right balance to create the ideal lighting for any mood and activity with the simple flick of a switch. For some more inspiring tips on how to light up your bedroom the right way, take a look at this handy guide

Stunning designer lamps for a well-lit bedroom

To make your bedroom look its best, get creative and choose multiple types of lighting fixtures. Need some help choosing? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite bedroom lights to help you get inspired. Probably the most common type of general bedroom lighting are flush or semi-flush mounted fixtures. We love Wanda, Masako or Corben. Simple but striking, these ceiling lamps will glow up your room instantly. Perfect for adding a statement in rooms with lower ceilings. And if you want to go all out, then opt for one of our designer chandeliers. Ophelia and Carole are the definitions of luxury lighting, oozing pure opulence and providing a true wow-factor. 

Something missing? Task lighting of course. We think every bedroom needs a bedside light of some sorts. Think of a practical yet stylish bedside lamp to add a powerful punch of décor to your bedroom. Go classic and take a look at Cheston with a black and brass finish. For something more sophisticated yet simple, our Boll table lamp will surely brighten up your bedroom. And if you’re short on space, then ditch the nightstands and use pendant lights instead of traditional bedside lamps. Remi, Ogilvy and Natalie will surely seal the deal. And for some practical wall candy that always bends your way, Cohen is simply perfect.