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Statement pieces to accentuate every room

Sometimes you just need a showstopper. And who says it has to be a new sofa, bed or dining table? Draw your eyes upward and opt for a trendy chandelier instead! Whether you fancy French palaces or prefer modern simplicity, at your spoilt for choice. Our range of designer chandeliers will accentuate your home and infuse it with opulence.  From traditional glass options, all the way to contemporary chandeliers - browse through our range of designer chandeliers and add a glamorous centrepiece to your home. 

Discover some of our favourite chandeliers

If you’re looking for some serious lighting makeover, our chandeliers are simply perfect. From glass to brass and everything in between, these stylish lighting solutions are truly a feast for the eyes. To help you find the perfect match for your home, take a look at some of our favourite chandeliers.

If you’re interested in a modern take on the classic glass chandelier, look no further than Ophelia. The frosted glass and chrome finish is the perfect balance of old and new and can be added to any room. And if you want to stay clear of more traditional designs, then go organic instead. Our weaver chandelier made from bamboo is perfect for a Nordic-inspired interior and will elevate the entire look. Just add some matching light bulbs, and you’re good to go. 

Want to impress your guests from the moment they step into your home? Then add Lance to your hallway. With three brass and opaque white shades sat at different heights, this chandelier will add a striking visual centrepiece that won't dominate the room. 

Tips on selecting the right chandelier for your space

The glittering presence of a chandelier is sure to add some charm, drama and sophistication to any space. And since they demand attention, it’s important to consider a few points before you hit the checkout button. Firstly, think about where your new focal point should hang. That’s important because the existing dimensions of your room should play a deciding factor in choosing the right-size chandelier. After all, you don’t want it to overwhelm you, right? 

Another important factor to consider when choosing your chandelier is to make it complement your existing colour palette and materials used in your space. Try and make it feel like a natural extension of style in a particular room instead of totally setting a contrast. And finally, think about where you’re hanging your new chandelier. Are you going traditional and centre your chandelier in your living room or are you striving for a more unexpected styling and hang it slightly off-centre over your bed? Whatever option you go for, just make sure your new chandelier gets the option to truly shine.