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Dining Room Lighting

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Take your dining room lighting to the next level

From enjoying mealtimes alone to chatting with friends over a cuppa or hosting large family gatherings - the dining room is more than just a place to eat. If you’re ready to totally transform this space without renovating or breaking the bank, just think of upgrading your existing lighting. From illuminating every corner of your dining room to creating a cosy and warm atmosphere, our selection of designer dining room lights are sure to make a big impact. Just browse through our stunning range now and be amazed by the impact. 

Discover some of our favourite dining room lights

The table is the centre of your dining room, so let it shine. Think about accentuating it with one of our designer chandeliers such as Ophelia or Globe. If a chandelier is too grand, go for a simple pendant fixture instead. Choose something neutral with clean lines, so it doesn't look too chaotic or go bold by choice to create an interesting contrast in your dining room. 

Prefer something more contemporary? An uneven arrangement of pendant lights is just perfect to get your guests talking. Add visual drama to your dining room with a series of pendant lamps with compatible styles such as Illaria or Tuli. Simply layer them in at different heights and your striking centrepiece is done. In order not to overwhelm your space, look for dining room lights that complement your existing décor. Tip: Whichever type of lighting you choose, install a dimmer switch, so you can easily control ​brightness at any time of the day. 

Layer different light sources 

Especially for smaller dining rooms, investing in different light sources is essential. Not only will it help you create a more functional and comfortable space, but a well-lit dining room will also look bigger than it actually is. Chandeliers and pendant lights will generally offer a low-level light output. For a more functional style of lighting, think about investing in different layers of light such as recesses spotlights, wall scones and even free-standing floor lamps. And if you’re hosting a nice dinner, then don’t forget to invest in some candlelight too. Not only do candles cast a soft light on your dining table, but they will also create a cosy and more intimate setting. Ready to impress your guests?