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Kitchen Lighting

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Designer lights for a seriously lit kitchen

The kitchen is truly the heart of the home. From enjoying cosy dinners to entertaining friends and family for a weekend brunch - your kitchen is working hard all the time. So what better way to update your workspace than with a serious lighting makeover? From glass pendant lamps to on-trend spotlights, our designer kitchen lights are sure to make a statement, enhance your existing décor and brighten up your workspace. What more could you want? Browse through our range of designer kitchen lamps now and create the perfect lighting scheme for your home. 

What light is best for the kitchen?

To create the perfect kitchen lighting atmosphere you need at least two different elements: task and general lights. The former is especially important to illuminate your kitchen worktop, sink and other appliances. After all, you do want to be able to differentiate your apple from your pear when cooking. Simply opt for some LED downlights or under-cabinet lighting and instantly create a more focused light source. No more shadows and no more glare! General lighting, on the other hand, has the function to set the perfect mood. Think of decorative pendant lamps over your kitchen island or contemporary wall lights for a warmer ambience.

What’s the best lighting for a small kitchen?

If you have a small kitchen then choosing the right light fixtures is even more essential. After all, dark corners and shadows only create the illusion of less available space. Instead, make the most of the area you have and capitalize on multiple different light sources. Try and go for smaller fixtures made from glass, for a more lightweight feel. And if you don’t want to worry about handing lights, then opt for recessive lighting instead. 

What’s trending in kitchen lighting?

Since most kitchens tend to be more monochrome, the lighting offers a perfect solution to add some fun pops of colours. Think about adding lampshades in brass or rose gold or opt for a more vibrant yellow, pink or even blue for a refreshing look. And if you are anything but boring then go wild and mix and match your pendant lamps. Simply choose a different light for every mood, and you're all set. 

To get your guests talking and turn some heads, glam up your kitchen with a chandelier. Hang it centrally over your kitchen island and instantly create a more luxurious look. And if you prefer the opposite, then follow the trend and add some nature to your home. Choose some no-fuss lighting fixtures made from wood, bamboo or rattan for an organic and Zen feel.