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LED Lights

Shop designer LED lights for every room

Smart, stylish and so efficient. Dare to switch your lighting to LED bulbs and modernise your home instantly. At MADE we’re offering you a large variety of LED lights, including bulbs for your ceiling lights, wall lights and table lamps. Spoilt for choice? We certainly think so. Update your existing light fitting with one of our energy-efficient LED lighting or overhaul your entire home lighting to save money on energy bills. And while you’re already browsing for new bulbs, talk a look at our matching lamps too. 

What are LED lights?

LED stands for “light-emitting diode”. One of their greatest benefits of these types of bulbs is their energy-efficiency. In fact, they consume up to 90 % less energy than traditional light bulbs. Now that will not only help you save you some money in the long, but it’s also great for the environment. Other benefits include their silence, their safety and the fact, that LEDs reach their full brightness in a matter of seconds. One thing to note: Unlike incandescent and CFL bulbs, LEDs offer directional light sources. That means, they will emit light and heat only in a specific direction. Perfect for task lighting in the kitchen or downlights in the ceiling!

How bright are LED lights?

In general, the brightness of your LED will depend on the lumen you purchase. Meaning: The higher the lumen, the brighter your LED light will shine. What’s great about LED bulbs is, that they will use much less watt, to produce a similar lumen to that of other bulbs. And if you’re worried about the colour, then worry no more because LED bulbs are truly capable of displaying an impressive colour range. It’s best if you opt for a soft, warm white which produces a more candle-like, yellow glow. Perfect for those lazy evenings in front of the telly. If you want to make your LEDs work, then opt for a bulb labelled daylight, which produces very white light. Ideal for those WFH days!

Unsure which colour to go for? Stay safe and choose a dimmable LED light to control how bright you want your light to shine. Just flick the switch and instantly change the colour temperature to suit your mood. From a cool light in the mornings to a relaxing warm and soothing white light in the evenings. Practical, right? 

How long do LED lights last?

The average lifespan of an LED light bulb is around 50,000 hours. That means, if you use your LED bulbs for around 6 hours a day, they can last a staggering 25 years. Say goodbye to changing light bulbs and instead think about what you can do with all these hours of perfect bright light.