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Living Room Lighting

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Ready to take your living room lighting to the next level?

As the true heart of your home, the living room deserves to shine. And since it’s also the one room that most reflects your personal style, why not show it off with some of our stunning designer lights. Not only will they make your space appear brighter and more beautiful, but they will also create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. And all without breaking the bank! Ready to put in the effort? Then browse through our stunning range of designer living room lighting now and illuminate your space in no time.

Living room lights that fit your style

From reading to working, watching TV or socialising with friends - your living room needs to cater to a lot of different activities. To ensure that all four corners are evenly illuminated, the right lighting scheme is essential. Not sure where to start? We’re here to help you out. 

The perfect lighting concept is all in the right mix. Combine general, accent and task lights using various types of fixtures to create a balanced and pleasant atmosphere. The best place to start is with some stunning centrepieces to draw the eyes up. Think ceiling lights or pendant lamps to brighten up your sitting area and create a focal point. And if you prefer a more dramatic look, then go all out and invest in a chandelier. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to install a dimmer switch to change the atmosphere and set the right mood at any time.  

Next comes the task-focused lighting. From the reading corner to the coffee table or even your sideboard - a table lamp is a true eye-catcher and will create a relaxed atmosphere for lounging. For some tips on finding the perfect table lamp for every setting, take a look at this inspirational article. And if you’ve got some real estate left, then invest in one of our stunning floor lamps. Designed to make a spectacular impression, opt for a style to complement your existing decor. 

Finally, accent lighting will add some subtle touches to your existing lighting scheme. Think about adding some wall lamps to highlight your artwork, built-in LED strips for the underside of your console or spotlights for open shelving to highlight some of your most prized objects or books. Need some more inspiration for your living room lighting? Then take a look at our handy how-to guide to create your perfect lit living room