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Office Lighting

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Office lights for a well-lit workspace

Ready to shine some light on your work? From feeling energised in the morning to getting that extra boost of motivation in the afternoon, add the right light to your workspace and instantly make it more comfortable. To be fair, when WFH, natural light is key - but if that’s not an option, our stunning home office lights will also do the trick. Browse through our selection of designer ceiling lights and desk lamps and upgrade your workspace instantly. 

Ready, set, work

To find the perfect light that’ll work as hard as you do, our selection at MADE is simply perfect. Get inspired and take a look at some of our favourite office lights. First off, set the right mood with a trendy lampshade like Oro or Penny or a glass semi-flush light such as Ilaria. All of these pendant lamps will soften and diffuse the light, providing a more comfy working environment. If you got the space and prefer a statement piece, then illuminate your workspace with Chicago. This upward shining floor lamp bounces the light off the walls and ceiling and creates a productive ambience. 

Sorting papers, staring at your screen and taking notes requires a more focused light source. Take a look at our trendy table lamps and add a small statement to your desk with Brunswick or Gaby. Prefer something more colourful? Why go boring if bold is so much more interesting? Just check out our bright yellow Albert table lamp and let it spark your creativity. 

What is the best lighting for a home office?

In order to achieve the most productive WFH-spot, layering different light sources is essential. Start by illuminating your workspace with an even and soothing ambient light. Finish off by bringing everything into focus with some task lighting. Opt for a table lamp with a flexible arm, so you can adjust your light source to your needs. 

Location matters here! For instance, an overhead spotlight situated behind you can result in glare and contrasts that can quickly strain your eyes. The same goes for a fixed desk lamp. Avoid both by opting for dimmable LED-lights and an anglepoise lamp instead. This way you can quickly adjust the light levels throughout the day, depending on your need and task at hand.