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Your good night sleep is important to us

Firstly the ambience of your bedroom plays a big part and we have some tips and tricks to create your personal haven starting with the right bed. You will find many different designs and colours, materials and shapes to add to your home. We collected some inspirations for you about four ways on how to warm up your bedroom. Maybe it wasn’t the most obvious at first but the right lighting will help you fall asleep much faster and wake you up in the morning.

A new mattress can change everything (for the better)

While you might already have made some notes on how to rearrange your bedroom, one very important item is the mattress. We took on the task to create the best mattresses for you so take a look now.

Once you made up your mind between a soft underground, a medium tension and a medium-firm tension - you can leave the rest to us. We will deliver your future dream mattress straight to your door so all you have to do is unwrap the package - bon nuit!

The way you sleep is important for the mattress you choose

There are facts that we only learned through a long process of research and the help of experts so read carefully to find the perfect match for you. There are differences between how you like to sleep. Yes, your favourite position, whether it is on the side, curled up or on your front side (and the list continues), is important to the right tension you should be sleeping on. 

Technology and comfort go hand in hand

You can choose between mattresses made of latex, memory foam, pocket sprung and open spring. Characteristics differentiate between each type, so we designed the Porche of mattresses: Pocket spring technology shakes the hand of memory foam.  5-layers, with individual springs that act independently. You can move as much as you want and your partner won’t be disturbed. Oh and just to quickly mention, the layers are supportive, cooling and soft as well as hypoallergenic altogether.

Now that we have briefly introduced you to our mattress with different layers, can you imagine what the inside of a mattress with 1000 pockets looks like? Well, be sure that it not only feels good since the breathable technology will relieve pressure on your joints but it is also made of eco-friendly material.

Many covers are made to be removed so you can wash them and of course be sure that our mattresses also come in all standardised sizes to fit your king-size bed, single bed and double bed - sweet dreams!