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Single Mattresses

Small space - we have the perfect solution

We know how different homes can look and especially how small some apartments in the city can be - dimensions vary. If you are looking into leaving more space for guests to gather or simply want to buy your kids a bed that will last for many years to come, we got you!

Create a whole new environment or spice up the existing

Before we introduce you to our many great mattresses, we also want to give you some inspiration along the way on how to transform not only your sleeping situation but your whole bedroom into the most comfortable environment to be in.

Inspiration for your new bedroom - you will love it

We love the fact that each taste is completely individual and style, as well as aesthetics, is different for everyone. You could be a Scandinavian design fan who loves to dream of birch trees and linen fabric - on the other hand, your taste might be more on the traditional side with a classic chesterfield sofa in your living room and a tasteful dark green on your walls. Well for all of you minimalists out there, we collected some ideas on the perfect bedroom makeover for a great mindset every time you enter your bedroom.

And if all of the above does not respond to what you were searching for, maybe adding colour to your bedroom is the missing ingredient to a symbiosis of design, luxury, relaxation and a good night sleep - to not leave you hanging on this one, we also gathered our thoughts to share them with you.

Best quality at an affordable price

Now we want to give you some insights on what we have been working on at to give you the best quality mattresses at an affordable price that will leave you sleeping like a baby. There will be no more waking up in the middle of the night due to discomfort. 

Our mattresses are made for every individual preference

Our mattresses are different from each other in regards to the tension and when it comes to the inside of every single mattress. There are solutions for everyone, whether you like to sleep on your front side, back, sideways - we got you!

Did you know that we also like to spice things up? For this reason, we put a lot of effort into finding the right layers that go well with each other for optimisation of memory foam, pocket sprung and latex. Since we love each of the different types, we wanted to combine them all and what has turned out, also left us speechless - that’s how heavenly it feels. 

And if you want a more classic version of memory foam or pocket sprung single mattress with an additional latex topping, they will feel just as great - we promise.