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Super King Size Mattresses

Endless space for you to sleep on

Do you ever dream of sleeping with endless space on a soft cloud-like underground with worries that just seem to stay outside your bedroom? Did you ever wake up only to wish it was night time again and you could sneak back under your bedcover to close your eyes and continue dreaming? When was the last time you slept on a 180cm wide bed?

The time has come to sleep on a new mattress

Maybe the time has come now to give yourself, your home and your bedroom that bit of extra luxury and start looking for a super king size bed now. It might have scared you to think about transporting such a big object to your home but this is where we come to help! We deliver your bed straight from our door to yours and you won’t have to worry about a thing other than which bedsheets to put on, once you have your first night in your new bed

Early bird or late riser? 

After a good night sleep on your new super king size mattress, we have some special tips and tricks on how to prep your bedroom for a mindful morning routine. We all have these days where we just want to stay a little longer in bed so why not use that time to gather your thoughts and start the day with a boost of positive energy?

The perfect bed for your new super king size mattress 

The reason why you still haven’t come around to sleep on 180x200cm could simply be, that you haven’t found your ideal bed so far to match your bedroom and your style. We don’t want to leave you hanging so we took on that task and designed a wide range of different super king size beds. Whether you like to lean back onto a velvety soft headboard or prefer a wood frame in the style of a Scandinavian dream. Whether you prefer an industrial look with powder-coated metal legs in darker tones - take a look and we are sure the right bed is only seconds away. 

Memory foam - pocket sprung - latex 

Our mattresses come in different sizes and dimensions with individual solutions to give you a long and relaxing sleep. Our designers have taken the time to closely work with engineers to develop the best mattresses. Like it super soft or extra firm or rather something between those lines? We got you!