Our materials

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Our materials

The goal? Making sure our key materials are 100% sustainably sourced by 2025. Scroll on to find out more.

“We’re committed to sourcing materials that have less impact on people and the planet.”


Much of our furniture is crafted from wood. It’s a strong, natural material we use to make a wide variety of products, from kitchen utensils through to sideboards. As part of our ongoing journey towards becoming a more responsible retailer, we’re committed to making our timber sourcing more sustainable and transparent. That’s why we’re working hard to ensure that our wood comes from responsibly managed forests.

By 2025, 100% of our wood will be third party-certified or from recycled sources.


Cotton’s one of our key materials. It’s a natural, renewable plant fibre, used across our bed and bath linens, soft furnishings and sofa ranges. However, it’s also a climate-intensive crop linked to pollution, high water usage and worker exploitation. To help reduce some of these environmental impacts, we’ve set ourselves a goal to ensure our cotton’s sourced more sustainably.

By 2025, 100% of the cotton we use will be organic or recycled.


Polyester’s a synthetic, man-made fibre, and while incredibly durable and recyclable, it’s derived from petrochemicals and often not biodegradable. We use more than half a million metres of polyester velvet per year across our upholstered and textile ranges, so as you can imagine, a conversion to more sustainable sources will have a huge effect on our overall impact as a business. Right now? We’re working on making sure 100% of our polyester velvet comes from recycled sources.

By 2025, 100% of all the polyester we use (not just velvet) will be from recycled sources.

Animal-derived materials

We use a number of different animal-derived materials in our products, like leather, feathers and wool. It’s of utmost importance to us that our suppliers meet our minimum requirements, as well as supporting our long-term commitments.

Material innovations

We’re into innovation and are constantly exploring ways of working with suppliers who specialise in new materials. One example? Our Kysler pet bed. The recyclable outer fabric is made using pre-consumer waste, and no water is used in the production process. Clever, huh?

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