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Garden and Outdoor Accessories

Now you can easily create the complete garden atmosphere on your balcony or patio with a full range of our garden accessories. Give new life to your old deck with a splash of green for a cosy atmosphere or add finishing touches to your outdoor dining or lounge areas.

The green soul

The easiest way to bring any outdoor space back to life is by giving it a green character – creating your own green oasis. You do not necessarily need a patch of land to do just that – a variety of potted plants is the easiest hack! This solution is particularly useful if you only have a balcony or a paved patio at your disposal. Choose from a range of our pots and planters and mix-and-match them to compose your personalised green space.

Small plant pots and larger planters let you add as few or as many plants as you desire or have space for. If you are going for a more natural look, choose terracotta, stone or ceramic planters in various sizes depending on your planting needs. For a more modern look, you can opt for metal or fibreglass planters, which give particular sharpness to your space. Organic material planters, such as woven seagrass or rattan, will help bring that interior cosiness out onto your outdoor space.

Create a more intense green space by combining floor standing planters with elevated plant stands. This option will give you a lot more of a forest feel around you and create a more immersive experience when spending time on the balcony or patio. We have also designed a variety of wall and hanging planters to help you expand your possibilities above ground. 

If you want to create some privacy from a nosey neighbour, a multi-shelf plant stand will give you all the plant herb space you may need while doubling as a green privacy screen. This could be a great option if you are also looking to start growing your herbal plant garden.

To create a coherent mood, try to coordinate materials between your outdoor furniture and your planters – wooden garden furniture sets will go beautifully with natural material planters and plant stands, whereas more modern design furniture might look best with metal or fibreglass design options. But there is always room to experiment with any combination – it’s up to you and your creativity.

It’s all in the details

During the summer, there is nothing better than exchanging your home interior for the outdoors. Bringing that cosy living room feel into the patio or balcony gives you the best of both worlds. You can easily recreate this homely atmosphere by adding an outdoor rug to your seating area. If you have plenty of space, a large rug will give the final touch to your lounge area. Or you can opt for a cosy and durable runner to give your balcony a fresh look and feel. This way, you will once again be able to spend time outside barefoot and never have to set foot on cold flooring.

To top it off, complete your outdoor patio with some accent pieces from our garden décor options. For those chilly summer evenings, there is no better feeling than warming yourself on a campfire like when you were a kid. You can now recreate that feeling with an urban version of it – a fire pit. If you want that extra seating but you do not actually need another chair, decorative outdoor stools will give you flexibility, while doubling as a sculptural piece. 

Feel free to get creative and combine various décor details for your unique outdoor atmosphere and a reflection of your personality.