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Garden Accent Chairs

Add personality to your paradise with our garden accent furniture

Garden accent furniture is an easy way to reflect your personality outdoors. Adding instant character to your outside space, it has a purpose beyond its functionality. Whether that’s to change the mood of the garden decor or to elevate a somewhat small space, at MADE we’ve got the designs that can transform an area in seconds. Think eye-catching styles featuring patterns and colours that contrast with the garden furniture they sit beside. And when it comes to which outdoor accent furniture to choose, a chair is a good place to start.

More than just a seat

The right seating can make a huge difference to your interior, and similarly a garden accent chair is an easy way to add impact to an outdoor area. Whether it’s a bean bag for your balcony or a bench for your backyard, there’s something for every space – no matter how big or small. When selecting the right chair to complement your garden theme, details can make all the difference. Let a garden armchair with eye-catching upholstery be the focal point of an empty patio or a polyrattan sofa add texture to an otherwise plain terrace. Meanwhile a statement stool will add drama to a small courtyard.