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Garden Sofas

Bring the inside out with a garden sofa

Bring the inside out with a garden sofa

Whether it’s for socialising or sitting solo, a garden sofa is key to creating a relaxing atmosphere. And when it comes to choosing the right one, the same rules apply outdoors as they do in. You want it to maximise your space, complement your decor and fit its purpose, from comfortably (and stylishly) seating guests to being the focal point of your decking. Luckily, at MADE.COM, we’ve got the outdoor sofas that tick every box.

Garden sofas for every kind of space

Bigger spaces will love our garden corner sofa sets. As well as utilising every inch of your garden with their shape, they also offer enough seating for all your guests. After dessert, just retreat from the garden dining table for a more relaxed ambience. With the addition of a garden coffee table for beverages and a fire pit for warmth, you’re all set for the evening. For balconies and terraces, our outdoor 2-seater and 3-seater sofas allow a space-friendly place to unwind with a good book or a morning espresso. And when it comes to styling, express your individuality with cushions that contrast the upholstery or a fluffy throw for a cosy feel. From coastal-esque polyrattan to timeless wooden designs, discover both stylish and comfy outdoor sofas here.

Getting the size right

Every garden or patio is different, so you have plenty of options to choose for your outdoor seating area. Just be sure not to run out of space! That is why, before choosing your garden sofa, we recommend that you take dimensions of the available space to make sure that your chosen sofa model will fit well, and you could still freely move around. Also, do not forget to think about storage. Where are you planning to store your furniture when the typical British rains finally return?  It would be best to store your garden sofa in the garage or a shed, but if you do not have the space, you should invest in some furniture covers.

Something for every space

If you are lucky to have plenty of space, your choices are wide open. For a cosy lounge area, choose a garden corner sofa – even the most awkward corner will not be left unused. You can also create your own custom lounge corner by choosing a matching garden sofa set, and pairing it with one of our garden side tables to have your custom lounge setting.

For a chic and contemporary feel, garden ottoman sofas are a great way to bring a little bit sophistication and romance out into the patio. Or if you prefer to have the flexibility to arrange your seating area according to your imagination and needs, modular sofas are a great way to have exactly that freedom.

An excellent option for any smaller outdoor space is a 2-seater garden sofa as it will not take up too much space. Combine it with a few outdoor chairs and a garden coffee table, and you will be able to enjoy the feel of your living room out on your garden anytime. If you are still a bit short on space, think about substituting a garden sofa for a garden bench – it is still just as comfortable but more space-efficient as well as easier to maintain.

Choosing your material

There are many options to choose from when it comes to finding the right material and finish for the garden atmosphere you want to create. One of the trendiest outdoor furniture materials nowadays is rattan. Reminiscent of times past, a garden rattan sofa will give your outdoor space a sophisticated feeling, while being sustainable and not requiring too much maintenance. If you get a lot of rain where you live, you can choose the next best thing – polyrattan. Just as intricately woven together, synthetic polyrattan is an incredibly durable and an even lower maintenance option that can withstand rain or sunshine.

For a more modern and contemporary look, have a look at our metal frame garden sofa options. Metal takes practically no effort to maintain, and due to its relatively light construction, you can easily rearrange your seating positioning as you might need. Metal frame garden sofas come in a variety of models, so you are sure to find one that will go great with your space.  

Caring for your outdoor furniture

Every outdoor furniture material is carefully chosen to have the best performance outdoors. However, each material has its own needs. Keep in mind that wood might start to splinter if you leave your wooden furniture out in hot and dry conditions without annually giving it a stain. Your rattan sofa or chairs may be the perfect choice for your patio but leaving it out on the rain might take away some of that inherent material beauty out of them. Think in advance about the weather conditions in your area - is it very sunny, or does it rain a lot - and how much (or little) care you want to put into it and choose the materials carefully. Whichever material you end up selecting, occasionally give it a wipe down with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt. This will keep your garden always ready to welcome guests.

Beautiful garden sofa cushioning makes any outdoor experience that much more cosy and homely. But even though designed to be more resistant to outdoor conditions, you probably make sure to bring them inside when it rains to avoid unnecessary wear and tear