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Garden Tables

Garden Tables

As soon as the first sunny spring days start coming from around the corner, there is no greater pleasure than enjoying your family lunch, a cosy dinner, or simply a morning coffee out in the fresh air! Setting up your own dining or coffee space is one of the easiest ways to take advantage of the outdoors. Depending on how large your garden, patio or balcony might be, you can always find the perfect size garden table to create the space that you want.

If your garden or patio is a bit smaller, or perhaps you just do not want that larger dining area, opt for a cosy coffee area with some garden tables and chairs. With a variety of different garden coffee tables to choose from, you can give your outdoor space the perfect centrepiece to suit the mood you are going for. Pair it with a few garden chairs, an outdoor bench or a sofa, and it's done! Or for an absolute hassle-free option, have a look at our outdoor bistro sets that can transform any place in a blink of an eye. To create some extra room for snacks or drinks, a large selection of garden side tables will fit any space and give your garden more options when need be. 

Our selection of garden tables offers a variety of styles to choose from. Whether you prefer a more classic or retro look, or perhaps something more modern (such as industrial or Scandinavian minimalistic), with our range of garden tables you will never be lost for options.

Materials and care

Our outdoor tables come in a variety of designs and materials. Whatever garden table you may choose, do not forget that even though it is meant for the outdoors, it should go without some love and care. Each material has its own look, durability and characteristics that you should consider before deciding on the best one for your outdoor space.


Wooden garden tables are a timeless classic. They are made from various types of wood that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and create a warm and inviting dining mood. But as with all natural materials, they are not eternal, so do not forget to protect your outdoor dining table from rain or excessive sunshine as this may cause it to lose the natural vibrancy of wood. For a longer lifespan, regularly clean your table and re-stain the wood annually.


Metal garden tables can give your outdoor space a more elegant and solid look. They are also a lot sturdier and more durable, so they will not age as fast. If you want to keep your garden table outdoors throughout the whole year, a metal garden table may be the option worth considering.


If you are on a tighter budget, plastic garden tables offer just as much functionality as any other. On the one hand, it is easier to take care of (just a quick wash with detergent and some warm water with do), the material is very durable and comes in a broader range of colours. On the other, it will never be as much a timeless choice as wood or metal.


Garden tables made from rattan or polyrattan will never fall out of fashion – it has been the classic item in our gardens for many decades and remains forever popular. Rattan tables are the perfect combination of a natural material woven together into elegant lines and curves. A synthetic version – polyrattan – can create the same kind of effect while offering better durability, longer lifespan, and much more straightforward maintenance. 

Often paired with a glass tabletop, a rattan garden table can quickly become a focal point in your outdoor space, giving it strong yet elegant character.