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Industrial Outdoor Tables

Sturdy industrial outdoor tables

Metal frames, stone bases, and substantial weaves make up industrial-style furniture. Simple yet statement, they’re an ideal choice for your outside space. Even better, the often sturdy materials mean they’re ready to take on the outside elements all year round – so they’ll stand the test of time. Industrial outdoor tables can be combined with other industrial garden furniture, but they're also a great match to many other styles. Their simple design pairs perfectly with different kinds of decor and accessories. Industrial garden tables come in different materials and colours too, so you can choose the one that best fits your space.

Create your own personal paradise

Industrial style is about form and function, and it can add a touch of strength to the overall look of your garden. Pair an armchair with an industrial coffee table or get your garden ready for al fresco entertaining with an industrial dining table. For smaller spaces, our industrial stools can double up as tables. Soften an industrial outdoor table with light-coloured rattan or wooden chairs – their comfortable design paired with the functionality of an industrial table will ensure you enjoy every dinner, break time or gathering to the fullest. Accessories in vivid colours will add a fun contrast and a touch of warmth to your garden space. With their clean aesthetic, our industrial garden tables are simple, effective and eye-catching.