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Add some greenery with a new houseplant

Is a home ever truly a home without a houseplant? We think not. Adding a plant or two to your interior is an easy way to create an original look while bringing some freshness to your indoor environment. Give your space the perfect finishing touch with a single leafy number or go wild with a variety of lush botanicals. Whether you're a seasoned expert or a newbie plant parent, our range will inspire you to create that green oasis you've been dreaming of.

Bring the outdoors in

Plants can make a strong focal point – especially when put in an unexpected place like a bookcase, or hung from the ceiling. How about arranging your greenery in a corner to add visual interest? A leafy trio of plants can give an almost sculptural effect to an empty fireplace – you could even add a tall candle as a striking contrast. Want to spruce up your work-from-home space? Pop a few succulents on your desk to encourage productivity and upgrade your air quality. A couple of art prints are always a welcome addition, too.

Create an urban jungle

Maximalist at heart? A houseplant or three in various sizes in an entryway or bare mantelpiece makes an eye-catching statement. Combine matching shades of light green leafage for a tropical-inspired look, or opt for darker greens for a sophisticated appeal. A cluster of plants on your sideboard or floating shelf above your bed brightens up static accessories. Still not sure where to put your new foliage? Walk around the room and take in the space from different angles to help you choose the best spot for injecting some greenery.

Go big

We love minimal decor as much as the next person, but if you feel like a splash of colour, we're all for it. If art prints aren't your thing but you want to add some life to your space, try introducing a large plant to that empty corner or bare wall. Or why not display an attention-grabbing monstera on a coffee table to emphasise its sleek design without overcrowding the room? What we love about plants (besides all that lovely oxygen they produce) is the lushness and texture they have to offer. Trust your instincts – it doesn't always have to coordinate with your existing colour scheme. If you find a plant with a personality to suit your own, go for it. You'll make the perfect match.