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Outdoor Plant Pots & Plant Stands

Say aloe to our bloomin' lovely planters

Whether you've got a huge expanse of garden or a teeny-tiny balcony, our beauteous outdoor plant pots will help you create an inviting green nook that's the envy of the neighbourhood. Strategically placed containers are an ideal way to define a space in which to relax and entertain guests. Plus, you can bring your home's exterior to life the natural way with elegant garden planters filled with flowers. Combine them with tall botanicals such as grasses and bamboos to construct a little privacy. Or, go for drama with large garden pots teamed with sculpted shrubs. Convinced? Read on, and let us help you choose the best planters for your plans.

Size matters

If you've got a large garden to play with, big outdoor plant pots look dramatic, so pair them with miniature versions of a larger tree, Bonsai-style, and create your own sculpture park. Petite patch? Pick tall balcony planters to minimise the overall footprint and make your exterior appear bigger. Or, hang your plant babies in our smaller vessels using a macramé hanger to keep the floor area clear or pop them on a plant shelf. If privacy's what you're after, then use a trellis and a climber to create a natural screen. Simply team with a bistro table and chairs or firepit to dine al fresco and voilà.

Think practical

When considering what outdoor plant pots to choose, think about how big the plant will grow. If your pot's too small you're going to have to replant it eventually, so go larger. Next up, keep in mind the conditions and whether you'll need to reposition the plant from time to time to catch the sun. If that's the case, or you want the option to reconfigure your garden planters as your ideas evolve, then go for lightweight materials, like our models in fibre or cane. If you'd like to grow your own veggies, a free-standing, galvanised plant stand is ideal to allow for easy tending and harvesting.

The material world

Some substances are simply heavier than others – fact. As we've seen, plastics are not just lightweight, they're durable and resistant to extremes of temperature. And, thanks to modern techniques, they look just like the real thing. Provided you're not planning to move them around, heavier materials like stone or cement work well. These retain heat and moisture, and are less prone to being knocked over if you've got pups or kids in the mix. Metal planters have an industrial feel, and they heat up, too. This makes them best for warmth-loving, drought-tolerant plants such as grasses.