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Cat & Dog Bowls

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Crème de la crème for your pets

We believe that it is difficult to exaggerate design, especially for your furry friend. One thing that we often oversee is the fact that the smallest objects and items can be aesthetically pleasing and don’t have to be a compromise between looks and function.

Yes, there is a saying like: form follows function. But the forms that our in-house design team at has designed are surely always an eye-catcher.

The best quality with the best look 

For your pets, we combined all of our disciplines and talented designers and created bowls for food and water that are matching. While your pet might be one with a sense of style and aesthetics, you should still take over the part of ordering their new food and water bowls. Good to know that you wont have to do anything else since we deliver your order straight to your home. Your cat will probably love to help you unpack while your dog will be excited to finally eat - different characteristics just like us humans. 

Marble - fancy dinner for your pet

We are not joking! Marble is one of the materials we used to design a large and a small pet bowl. They will look so beautiful you will want to place them in sight so every time you and your four-legged friend step into your home, both of you will be happy.

If you prefer something a bit less present, we also have other options waiting for you. Take a look and we are sure the right set of bowls is waiting for you (and your pet). 

A good meal and a good sleep

Interestingly we always chose our favourite spots at home. Maybe it’s the armchair you inherited or the bench in your hallway (we have benches with extra storage here) - we are sure that your pet will be just the same. For this reason besides a bowl and pet food storage sets with a matching scoop, we also want to introduce our beds for your pet. Cats and dogs have different preferences when it comes to a night of good night sleep. Our cat beds are designed to be more playful with the feeling of a cave to hide in or a tent to sneak into - the dog beds on the other hand are designed to not only be unbelievably comfortable but also open to each side so your dog can observe his surrounding from every angle.