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Dog or cat person?

The day a pet joins your home, is the day your family has one more member.

Many of us own a pet and therefore we know that you only want the best for your four-legged friend. How often were you asked whether you are a cat or a dog person?

Well, apparently it does say something about your characteristics. We would love to get deeper into this discussion with you. Until then you should have a look at our many sofa options to invite other guests and introduce them to your pet (and of course the other way around!).

A personal blanket for your pet

Our sofas come in all different shapes and sizes and we are not the ones to judge, in case you let your cat sit next to you while you watch a romantic sitcom on a Sunday evening. We also won’t think any worse of you if your dog is allowed into your bedroom to sleep on your fluffy white carpet. In both cases though, we would advise you to place a blanket first so that no pet fur will stick to your textiles and furniture. You can simply place it in the washing machine and your pet will love to own a blanket too. 

The sofa that matches your pet bed

Of course, a much more elegant version would be a cat and dog bed which just like our sofas, comes in many different shapes and colours as well as many different materials. You won’t believe it but we literally designed some of the dog and cat beds to match our sofas.

We also know that no pet has the same size, just like us humans don’t look alike. While we have clothes in different lengths to choose from, we also designed beds in different sizes for your pet to pick from.

Dinner party for your guests and your pets

You might have fallen in love with the tableware at for your perfect dinner with friends. We didn’t only design plates and bowls as well as the perfect sets of cutlery and glasses but also stoned rectangular marble boards with a clean white look. Well, not only the boards for your antipasti can look like that but even your pets could eat and drink from such an aesthetically pleasing bowl. Design has never looked better and your pet will love you forever.