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Sleep soundly with our reduced beds

What better way to end the day than to settle down under the covers, switch off the light and catch those ZZZ's? And here at MADE.COM, we've put form on a par with function when it comes to picking the best designs for our bed sale – think solid wood frames, integrated storage and the comfiest fillings and fabrics around. So, fire up your sleep app and get ready for some serious snoozing after you browse our beds sale (the prices are unmissable).

How to choose

Our top tip when you're perusing our beds sale is to first consider the look you're aiming to achieve, or at least the broad strokes of it. We'd advise working from the headboard down. Our collection includes pillowy backs for ultra-comfy reclining, industrial-style metal and mid-century solid wood designs for the traditionalists among you. We've even got headboard-less options in our bed frame sale for a minimalist, zen approach to bedtime. Next up, think about the role that storage will play in your overall scheme. Integrated drawers are a practical choice for tucking away spare bedding and towels. You can even take it a step further and choose a bed with built-in shelving for nightly bits and bobs like books, specs and cups.

Perfectly framed

Once you've picked your headboard, it's onto the main event: the frame. So, you love bare bricks, loft-like spaces and a little heavy metal? Take a look at our cutting-edge designer frames in copper, brass and powder-coated steel and a range of exciting shades. Got your heart set on Scandi? Our designs in natural, more sustainable wood will be right up your street.

Handy hideaways

If integrated storage isn't your thing, the under-bed area is still a useful space to keep your stuff. Our trunks are the perfect sidekick to bedside tables storage-wise, and the ideal nook for seasonal textiles like winter quilts and throws. Whatever type of frame you've chosen, continue the theme down below with retro suitcase-style boxes or breezy seagrass baskets.