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Armless 2 Seater Sofa

Armless 2 seater sofas

Armless 2 seater sofas are simply smaller sofas that don’t have armrests on either side. These sofas seat two people and have a modern, sleek look that is ideal if you’re updating a smaller space. Armless 2 seater couches can have winged backs that curve in, almost like the seat is hugging you. Or, they’ll have a straight back and completely open sides for a classic appearance.

Where to place it

One of the best spots for an armless 2 seater couch is in an entryway or small study. Sometimes, home offices can feel cold and uninviting, so buying a small seat to settle into can make the room more homey and comfortable. They also fit well in entryways, creating an inviting spot to sit and take off your shoes or hang out while you wait to head out. Sometimes, an armless couch can look awkward floating in the middle of a room or wall, so a large plant beside it or a stylish side table can help frame the furniture. The simplicity of these armless 2 seater sofas also works well when placed below a large piece of artwork you want to highlight. A small armless couch offers many possibilities because they don’t take up too much space.