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Chaise Longues & Day Beds

Ancient elegance

Maybe you have seen paintings of the ancient Romans lying down while enjoying a luxurious dinner and a glass of red wine?

We are sure that Julius Caesar would have loved to do so on one of our chaise longues while eating fresh grapes and having a chat with his friends.

And now, more than 1500 years later, we might not gather for dinner in a vertical position but we sure love the luxurious moment when we enter the room and see a chaise longues waiting for us. Regardless of your outfit - whether it is the pyjama in the morning, or your best pair of pants ready to be taken to dance - we know you will look just as elegant on one of our chaise lounges.

Pure luxury

The name says it all - Primrose. With the dreamy blush pink velvet, slim brass legs and a quilted backrest, it surely does remind one of the shapes of a primrose. Lie down, sink into the soft velvet and you will feel the immediate luxury. It is surely something special to own such a statement piece in any room. Pair it with our Primrose armchair and you will be sure to have a movie set at home. Of course, you can be a little extra and even add the Primrose sofa but be careful - your guest won’t want to leave anymore.

Since the whole collection comes with brass legs, the circular-shaped Aula coffee table would be a perfect addition - brushed brass and glass, what more could you wish for?

Nordic cosiness invites you to dream 

In contrast to the romantic setting, we also love our Scandinavian designs that come with clear lines, natural materials and soft colours. The Assim day bed is a perfect example of geometry and cosiness. Solid round oak legs, combined with warm grey fabric and tan leather accents, make it difficult to get up again and stop dreaming of the Nordic landscape. Assim also comes with two long round cushions in the same style, that can be adjusted as you like.

Sophisticated looks

If you are more into the mid-century design, we have the right one, ready to join your home. Scott will be just what you needed to give it all that little bit of a sophisticated vibe. The cotton velvet comes in dark green grass and a patrol tone, dark legs and enough cushions to snuggle up and watch the rain while you are warm and safe, enjoying your evening with a mug of black tea (and some milk if you like). Do you know what would look great with it? Our mango wood sideboard Lucien with black aluminium legs and handles that we just can’t get enough of.

We love them colourful

In case you still did not find the right colour to go with your imagined chaise lounge, we thought of you and decided to give Margot, many different tones - more than ten to be precise. Just to mention some of them we have antique gold velvet with the matching dark wood legs and brass caps, a dark forest green, imperial blue and our beloved pink cotton velvet - enjoy the colour hunt!