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Chesterfield Sofas

New traditions

England - Chesterfield - two things that belong together. That's why we designed sofas, inspired by the traditional Chesterfield sofas with its leather surface and folds that are organised in its characteristic diamond patterns with leather buttons attached on each corner.

For many of our designs, we stuck to the well-known armrests that curl outwards, with a wave that gives the otherwise very bulky looking piece, its elegance and infinite shape. For our famous Branagh Chesterfield sofa, we decided to go with a beautifully structured pearl grey fabric, that might remind you of a good quality Tweed jacket. It does not only invite you to sit down, pull up your knees, put on woollen socks and wrap yourself into our knitted Holden throw made of cotton - it also serves as a sturdy and solid centrepiece for every household. If you need some more colour here and there, together with the Holden throw and its geometric forms, we also have Nighy, a hand-tufted wool rug that will create the cosy harmony that you have always dreamed off.

Small space? Don’t worry!

Now comes the amazing part - our Branagh sofas come in all different kinds of sizes and colours.

Whether it's made to fit a small space or a large country house - we thought of every possible situation. We believe that everyone who loves Chesterfield sofas as much as we do, should be able to find the right size and colour. If you are the one with a small apartment, the Branagh 2 seater sofa, will be the perfect solution for you. It keeps the same traditional elegance, only difference being - it takes away less of your space. If you are thinking of also including a bed, for future guests, that will be no problem at all since our 2 seater sofa easily transforms into a sofa bed. Just pull it out and set the bed with the eco-friendly Brisa bed linen - you will be remembered as the ultimate host!

Large space? Here you go!

If you are looking for a sofa where many of your friends and family members can find a seat, here we are! Whether it is for a cosy Sunday afternoon, Christmas or just the casual get together on a Wednesday night - how about our amazingly large corner sofa? Beautifully crafted with evenly shaped dark legs, it will merge into the surrounding and make everyone feel at home and welcome.

We love a bit of colour and would therefore pair the Branagh corner sofa with a variety of cushions such as the unique Balico velvet cushion, that plays with grey as a base tone and adds that little bit of extra excitement with complementary shades and forms.

Modern interpretation with a minimalistic look

Something a bit more modern and reduced is implemented into our Julianne sofa. Not only does it come in different shades of soft velvet but also has the ability to look classic and trendy at the same time. The square shape is underlined with slim metal legs that change its appearance, according to the colour you prefer. Now, another great feature is the matching ottoman! Not only does it function as extra space to host guests, but also becomes an attachment to put up your feet after that long day you might be having. Can you imagine how relaxing it must feel?