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Leather Sofas

Sink into luxury with our modern leather sofas

Other words for leather could be - long lasting and storytelling. Not only will a leather sofa steal the show in any living room, but it will also age gracefully to become more beautiful with every passing year. While it might be costly, a leather sofa is truly a long-term investment to enjoy for decades. If you're ready to commit, then explore our stunning range of modern leather couches and find your perfect match. From 3 seater tan leather sofas to leather recliners and sofa beds, comfort doesn’t get better than this.

Are leather sofas durable?

Absolutely! The luscious material will not only withstand the test of time, but also spills and stains. So if you have a pet friendly home or children roaming around, then a leather sofa might just be perfect for you. Just bear in mind to regularly give it some TLC, conditioning and keep it away from heat and direct sunlight, and you’ll enjoy it for years to come. 

Leather sofas: timeless, durable and oh-so-beautiful

We designed leather sofas that come with the luxury of not only looking timeless and beautiful but with the ability to speak to other senses - the touch. Once you sit down, you will know that your home can not ever live without one of our leather couches again. It will be the central meeting point, the place for you to calm down after a stressful day, the spot for your favourite TV series and so much more. You and your new modern leather sofa will tell many future stories and be sure that it won't leave you that soon. Once you touch it, memories will come right back at you.

Stunning leather sofas for every interior style

Close your eyes for a second and imagine yourself on our tan leather sofa Jarrod, tucked into a cosy blanket, sinking into the oversized smooth cushions. The modern and industrial vibe with black metal legs and clear lines, are rounded up with the deep and warm colours of the two different types of leather that you can choose from. On the one hand, we love our lighter outback tan leather and for those of you who prefer a darker tone with a slight mix of grey, the truffle brown leather will be the right choice for your living room. And just to make sure you don't miss any information - we also have the matching armchair and corner sofa in stock. We also love to pair a brown leather sofa with the eye-catching Berber style rug Drax, that will surely be the perfect flooring to keep your feet warm.

An update on the classic tan leather sofa 

Who doesn't love the good old Chesterfield sofa with its diamond-shaped folds and leather buttons? We surely do and that's why we wanted to design one, with the tradition in mind but a modern twist to the look. The Julianne 3 seater tan leather sofa is the outcome of modern traditions with a clear square shape and straight metal tube legs. Sleek from the outside with the characteristic Chesterfield aesthetics on the inside. To top it all off, we have the perfect extra waiting for you - the Julianne ottoman, that can be used in multiple ways. By the way, we also have this leather sofa available in different velvet colours, in case this might go better with the overall style in your home.

Opt for a modern grey leather sofa

Tan leather sofas are not your style? No problem because at MADE we’re offering you a wide variety of different shades of premium leather sofas. We love our all-time favourite grey. It not only fits with a variety of different interior styles, but also provides a classic understated centrepiece. How about our grey leather sofa Luciano for endless comfort? Chunky arms and deep cushions make this stunner perfect for a night in. Industrial is more your vibe? Then our chic grey leather sofa Fallyn in Nubuck leather and slim legs is simply ideal. 

Leather sofas that are small in size but big in impact

Owning a leather sofa doesn't mean you need to have a lot of space. Even a small 2 seater sofa like Dallas, made from premium soft leather, can be the most amazing piece to join your family. It not only has a unique armrest with an inwards angled feature, it also stands on beautifully matching wooden legs. In case you will have more square meters one day, you can simply add another family member since Dallas also comes as a 3 seater sofa and in many other sizes.