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Modular Sofas

We love to be spontaneous

If you enjoyed playing Tetris as a child, you will love our modular sofas.

We live in a time where things happen spontaneously, where moving homes can become a frequent event and a Saturday evening easily turns into a gathering of friends or your living room, the next place to meet on Sunday afternoons with your whole family joining you for an afternoon tea.

We designed our sofas to meet your needs, even if that means, transforming your couch from a 2 seater sofa into a 4 seater sofa - put up the beamer, take out the popcorn and transform your couch into a meadow for the ultimate cinema experience.

From big to small to a corner sofa (and back)

The thing we love about modular sofas is the fact that they will go through different phases of life with you. Once you decide which sofa to add to your home, you don’t have to purchase a new one, every time that things change. Maye you just finished University and found your first one-bedroom apartment where Juno, our modular sofa that comes in two different shades of blue velvet and beautiful grey fabric, would fit perfectly. To start off you might only want to buy a 2 seater sofa and once you move and find a bigger space, you can simply add one element and even a second one to create a corner sofa and to put up your feet. If your sofa needs some extra colours to mix it up and create a unique setting, just add an ottoman of the same style and voila, you have your personal assembly waiting for someone to sit down and relax. We also love to work with local designers like Matt Arquette who in this case designed our Juno sofa with the unique platform-to-floor setting.

Match and mix

The coffee table Lenny, with its round and soft-edged brass legs and an elegant grey and green tabletop, would look amazing in combination with one of our modular sofas, especially because it is as versatile - Lenny comes with a vertical and a horizontal table that slide on top of each other and can also be used separately.

Functional combinations

Once you have expended your modular sofa you surely need a collection of board games in reach since you will probably have many visitors who love to return to your cosy sofa and enjoy time in company. Therefore we designed Flippa, a modern and functional coffee table with space for storage made from oak and walnut. Together with this multipurpose beauty of a table, you could set the scene and pair it with our Trent sofa that will become a great symbiosis with the oak and walnut of the Flippa coffee table. It comes with a washed grey cotton that will not push itself in the foreground if you don’t want it to. If you need a bit of an eyecatcher, our striped Malay wool rug will be the merger of your modular sofa and the rest of the living room.