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One, two, three - easy to install curtains

Whether it is supposed to darken your room, a decorative element in your kitchen or to separate a small space - curtains can be used in many different ways.

Our curtains come with eyelets, allowing a super quick installation once you put a pole on your wall. Thread the curtain onto the pole and within minutes your new purchase will feel like an old friend you wanted to see again for such a long time.

Cosy vibes at home and wherever you need it 

Curtains are the one element that create a feeling of privacy, especially if you live in a city and feel like your surrounding neighbours can look into your kitchen every time you check out your fridge (nothing wrong with that). A curtain can also be a decorative element to add texture to your room once the breeze in the morning flows to the soft fabric. 

Curtains in your favourite shade - you are welcome!

Our curtains come in a pair of two and because each house is laid out differently, also our curtains come in different sizes for you to choose from. Not only the size but especially the colours are what we love. Whether it is a quick luxury fix with dark velvet, a bit of aristocratic opulence by adding golden shades or the feeling of nature that comes with a darker green tone - many options for you to have a look at. 

The right curtain for the right style

We believe that Dorian Gray, a fictional character in one of Oscar Wilde’s novels, is famous for being an always well-dressed dandy so we believe a sage green corduroy curtain, would be a great match. While many of our curtains are lined, to let you sleep a little longer on a Sunday morning when the sun is already up, we also have options without extra layers. 

New curtain or new wall paint? Both!

While you can spice up your home with a pair of new curtains, maybe it’s also time to decide on a new colour for your walls to match the curtains (or the other way around). All of our wall paint colours come in shades that are easily harmonising with the tones of your curtains (and other textiles in your home). Two affordable changes with an even bigger impact. You can apply the paint in any room you like, from your bedroom and living room all the way to your kitchen and hallway.